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Multi-Function Service Counter

Multi-Function Service Counter

The Multi-Function Service Counter adopts the principles of "one place for collection and complete service" without any division of areas or taxes. The number of service items has been increased to 116. Not only can tax affairs be handled at any time, it can be picked up quickly and does not close at noon. It also provides delayed value-added services. There are 26 types of cross-county and city services provided.

Land Value Tax

  1. Proof of bank transfer payment of current land value tax
  2. Reissue of payment notice for current land value tax
  3. Inquiry on nation-wide land price tax for self-use residence
  4. Detailed list of land value tax
  5. Proof of payment of land value tax
  6. Inquiry of historical data of land value tax
  7. Guidance on land value tax self-use residence application
  8. Contractual land value bank tax transfer application, change or cancellation
  9. Inheritance tax completion (exemption) tax certificate arrears check (land value tax)
  10. General trust land arrears check
  11. Cancellation of trust land arrears check
  12. Application for land value tax change section land tax
  13. Application for reserved land for land value tax public facilities
  14. Application for land value tax for roadway or arcade land
  15. Application for land value tax for gas station and parking lot land
  16. Application for land value tax for industrial (factory) land
  17. Application for land value tax refund
  18. Name change and address change for land value tax
  19. Application disaster tax exemption for land value tax

House Tax

  1. House tax current period tax information or tax status inquiry
  2. House tax taxation schedule
  3. Tax registration certificate for current period house tax
  4. Proof of bank transfer payment of current period house tax
  5. Reissue payment notice for current period house tax
  6. House tax payment certificate
  7. Complete inheritance tax (exemption) tax certificate and check for arrears (house tax)
  8. General trust house delinquency check
  9. Cancellation of trust house debt check
  10. Guidance for housing tax reform section on household application
  11. Agreed transfer application, change or cancellation of house tax
  12. Name change and address change for house tax
  13. Change of house location and house number
  14. Application for registration of new, added or renovated houses
  15. Application for change of house tax usage
  16. Application for change of name of house taxpayer
  17. Application for disaster tax exemption for house tax
  18. Inquiry for nation-wide land value tax for self-use land

Land Value Increment Tax

  1. Simple trial calculation of land value increment tax
  2. Estimated return of repurchased land
  3. Land value increment tax
  4. Inquiry on land value increment tax processing situation
  5. Inquiry of present value of land announcement
  6. Land value increment tax price index query
  7. Check if land value increment tax is subject to self-use residential land tax rate
  8. Fill in the land value increment tax declaration form
  9. Inquiry on the price index of the base period for the previous transfer of value increment tax
  10. Application for land value increment tax refund on repurchase of self-use residential land
  11. Land value increment tax declaration
  12. Application for cancellation of land value increment tax declaration 
  13. Land value increment tax is applied to the self-use residential land tax rate.
  14. Proof of payment of project benefit fees (not provided yet)
  15. Current period payment form for replacement project benefit fees (not provided yet)
  16. Application for transfer of agricultural land without land value increment tax

Deed Tax

  1. Deed tax estimate
  2. Inquiry into the processing status of deed tax declaration cases
  3. Deed tax payment certificate
  4. Deed certificate
  5. Complete the deed tax declaration form
  6. Deed tax rate inquiry
  7. Deed tax declaration and guidance on completion
  8. Application for deed tax cancellation declaration

Stamp Tax

  1. Inquiry of tax stamp issuing unit
  2. Stamp tax rate inquiry
  3. Application for issuance of large-amount stamp tax voucher payment notice
  4. Stamp tax summary payment declaration and receipt
  5. Reissue the current period stamp tax payment notice 
  6. Stamp tax payment certificate

Vehicle License Tax

  1. Inquiry on exemption from license tax for persons with disabilities
  2. Bank transfer of current period vehicle license tax
  3. Tax payment certificate
  4. Reissue the payment notice for current period vehicle license tax
  5. Vehicle license tax payment certificate
  6. Contractual vehicle license tax transfer for tax payment application, change or cancellation
  7. Guidance on the vehicle license tax payment forms and the addition or change of correspondence addresses
  8. Vehicle license tax refund application`
  9. Vehicle license tax name and address change
  10. Application for general tax exemption for vehicle license tax
  11. Application for tax exemption for persons with disabilities for vehicle license tax
  12. Application for vehicle license tax disaster tax exemption

Amusement Tax

  1. Amusement tax payment certificate
  2. Replacement of payment notice for current period amusement tax


  1. Tax refund inquiry
  2. Inquiry about tax payment by bank transfer via contractual account
  3. Inquiry about tax payment by bank transfer via non-contractual account
  4. Online calculation of penalty and interest for overdue tax payments
  5. Inquiry on reasons for withdrawal of tax payment via bank transfer
  6. Inquiry on local tax payable and re-issue tax payment notice
  7. Online inquiry on the national property ownership list
  8. Online inquiry of comprehensive information
  9. General tax services
  10. Guidance on disaster tax exemption application
  11. In-person investigation information filing
  12. Application for in-person investigation information guidance
  13. Inquiry on status of processing public applications
  14. Reserve express pickup service
  15. Reserve door-to-door service
  16. Guidance for application of natural person certificate
  17. Debtor’s property information investigation by Creditor
  18. Debtor’s income information investigation by creditor
  19. Print various application forms
  20. Provide real estate transfer deed
  21. Provide public comment box to collect suggestions
  22. Provide caring sticky notes
  23. Referral to other agencies for services
  24. Items for loan and other free services
  25. Real estate transfer tax planning
  26. Provide an info pack for inheritance
  27. Provide an info pack for real estate transfer
  28. Provide a friendly area
  29. Provide information on various activities
  30. Provide service at noon
  31. Provide free local calls
  32. Provide taxi-hailing service
  33. Provide unified invoice winning number request service
  34. Provide blood pressure monitors and body fat measurement service
  35. Cross-county and city operation projects
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