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Director's Report

  • Goal and Vision: Innovation, convenience, upgraded service quality. Create construction financial resources for growth.
  • Core Values: Value-added services and fair taxation.

Financial Aspects

Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less

  • Study methods to develop tax sources.
  • Effectively deliver tax bills.
  • Actively clear tax arrears.
  • Strengthen tax collection and implement checks for tax evaders.

Customer Aspects

No Extra Step, No Step in Vain

  • Solution planning
  • Fast service
  • Touching service
  • Harmonious tax collection
  • Value & Innovation
  • Image & Branding
  • Collaborative alliance
  • Creative marketing

Internal Aspects

  • Execution of various operations
  • Tax collection and service process re-engineering
  • Information system management and enhancement
  • Emergency preparation and management
  • Cross-domain integration and problem-solving
  • Result-oriented emphasis and performance management

Learning and Growth Aspects

  • Carry out exchanges and discussions on various tax collection practices.
  • Absorb, train, and cultivate excellent talent, knowledge, and skills.
  • Establish incentives and accountability performance mechanisms.
  • Promote the Bureau's core values, team discipline, cooperation, and harmony.
  • Continuous learning, research, experience inheritance and self-transcendence.
  • Create an environment with integrity, care, fairness, openness, and honesty.
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