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Chiayi City is established as a provincial city and the Chiayi City Revenue Post is established and renamed the Revenue Office in 1947.

October 1950

Administrative areas are re-allocated across Taiwan. Chiayi City is merged into Chiayi County and downgraded to a Chiayi County-administered city. This Office is also merged into the Chiayi County Revenue Office.

1 July 1982

Chiayi City is restructured and again upgraded to a provincial city, and a municipal Revenue Office is established but still located within the Chiayi County Revenue Office.

30 June 1999

This Office is officially separated from the Chiayi County Revenue Office, with a total workforce of 135.

1 January 2003

In conjunction with the transfer of business tax to the National Taxation Administration on 1 January 2003, the Office organization is restructured, with 115 employees remaining.

31 January 2008

In order to comply with the amendments to the Local Government Act and the Chiayi City Government Self-Government Ordinance, the name is changed to the Chiayi City Government Local Tax Bureau.

1 January 2018

To unify the financial resources planning and management of the Chiayi City Government and make flexible use of human resources, the Finance Department and this Bureau are integrated to establish the Chiayi City Government Finance and Taxation Bureau, with a revised number of 119 personnel.

1 April 2019

In cooperation with the Chiayi City Government, the number of staff positions after revision is 116.

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