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  • Chiayi City is established as a provincial city and the Chiayi City Revenue Post is established and renamed the Revenue Office in 1947.
  • Administrative areas are re-allocated across Taiwan. Chiayi City is merged into Chiayi County and downgraded to a Chiayi County-administered city. This Office is also merged into the Chiayi County Revenue Office.
  • Chiayi City is restructured and again upgraded to a provincial city, and a municipal Revenue Office is established but still located within the Chiayi County Revenue Office.

Tax Payment

  • Long-term agreement of taxes collection for automatic money transfers
  • Intra-bank Automatic Money Transfers via ATM
  • Paying Taxes Via Credit Card

Multi-FunctionService Counter

Matching with the internal manpower allocation and adjustment of jobs assignment, the goal of the multiple counter is to integrate the data in the computer regarding housing tax, land value tax, land increased-value tax, owing tax, taxes refund, and taxes transferring through the internet online operation and computerized information measure. To switch the current service items of each business unit, such as inquiries from tax payers, reissuing taxes bill as well as issuing certificates, to the multiple counter, which aims at simplifying operation process and saving time. The tax payers can directly hand in their applications to the counter to receive immediate and quick-responded services.

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